International Andreas Gruentzig Society (IAGS)

Mission Statement:

 The International Andreas Gruentzig Society is an international educational society of physicians and scientists interested in the health sciences in the cardiovascular and related fields.  Society members cooperate in the advancement of knowledge and education through research, publication, study and teaching in the fields of cardiovascular disease.  In addition, the society 

(a)  fosters the continuing development of the specialties of health sciences in the cardiovascular and related fields as an art and science;

(b) improves the methods of teaching cardiovascular therapeutic techniques;

(c) stimulates interest in the study of diseases of the vessel wall and research in treating cardiovascular disease;

(d) promotes close fellowship and exchange of ideas among specialists in the health sciences in cardiovascular and related fields;

 (e) conducts a scientific meeting every other year with high-level clinical investigators specializing in the interventional branches of radiology, cardiology, surgery and neurology in order to provide a platform for presenting problems, offering solutions and debating innovations with the end goal of advancing percutaneous therapies for vascular and structural diseases

(f) publishes the proceedings from the scientific meeting in a medical journal to disseminate the knowledge and conclusions accomplished during the meeting throughout the medical community